Wednesday, February 22, 2006

my first blog post

Been thinking about having a blog of my own for a long long time, finally got around to work on it. Was feeling particularly blue on a cold, dampy night here in Omaha and what better way to vent your pent up grief/frustration than to put it in ink (digital of course) and share with the rest of the world .
This blog thing has always intrigued me. Now come on, a blog is nothing but a glorified diary (unless ofcourse you are super talented, like the greatbong who writes better than most contemporary fiction writers I have read) and its popularity is some kind of a surprise to me. I find it interesting how people (including myself) are ready to open up their lives and their views for public consumption and introspection. I have been living here in the Omaha for eons now (actually almost 10 years) but grew up in Kolkata. I am a Bong to the core, so love good music and food, in love with Dada, am very well informed about things around me and very opinionated. But unlike , Bongs of yore, I try to juggle my life as a fulltime consultant with running couple of businesses, a music forum and investing in the Indian stock and realty market. I have been researching VOIP and streaming media for sometime now and would be posting about them also in this forum so people can gain something from reading my inane posts Would also post about the Indian stock and realty market so that others can make the same mistake I am making and if I have enough following, play the PUMP and DUMP game ( So here's my first blog post